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Re: Internal PCI Modems

I use an internal Best Data 56K that states it is for NT. That means the
modem is NOT plug and play. 

With that said, I still think if someone could help you figure out how to
use DOSEMU to run the little program that sets up the IRQ and base
address, maybe you could still use it. In my case and since there are
non-plug and play modems out there with jumpers, I just opted for that

MY QUESTION is this: What about using an internal PCI-based ROUTER for DSL
connectivity?  Anyone know if that will work? I'm thinking specifically of
the Intel 2100, which USWest sells and recommends for their DSL
connection. Will RH find and use it?

Karl L. Pearson
Senior uniVerse Database Analyst
Senior Unix/NT/Win Analyst
karlp colubs com

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Stuart Mace wrote:

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-->Subject: Internal PCI Modems
-->I know this topic tends to do the rounds quite a bit, but I was hoping
-->someone might have had some success with the internal Diamond SupraExpress
-->56k PCI modem.
-->I simply can't get Linux to detect the modem.  I've read the modem FAQ, and
-->from previous threads I've gathered that internal modems are troublesome,
-->but I was hoping someone may know of a solution.
-->Many thanks in advance,
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