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6.2 hangs during install from CD with Anaconda error

     I installed RH6.2 on two machines, a 486/100 amd a P133, the only problem
I had was a bad boot disk. I created it using Win98 Explorer and the cheapbytes
install CD. It died with an error like "could not mount device 08:03" Kernel
Panic". This happened on both machines. Put the same floppy in the same machine
and created it from DOS all went fine. One machine has two SCSI controllers the
other us all IDE. One is a plasma box - only 256K video memory. It failed the
graphics install and went straight into text install. No Probs, very smooth.
  The P133 box has a better vdeo card and it went into graphics install - WOW!.
I would say that pretty soon Microsoft had better watch out, Kudzu worked
perfectly on both boxes. I had forgotten about the second SCSI card, but kudzu
found it, and the hard disks behind it.

  So I go to load it on my ASUS SP98-N 'all in one' motherboard, (onboard
video, 10/100 LAN, sound,IDE, IR, USB); and it failed.

  I created a boot disk on this sytem and that failed too - in the same palce. 

    running install
    running /sbin/loader
    'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
    File "/usr/bin/anaconda"

    there are a few more anaconda lines then it spits out the CD. 

  I saw some messages on this list about anaconda, wasn't that when installing
from HD using an ISO image? This is from a good CD.

   P.S sorry don't know the kernel version, I just got the CD on friday, so its
pretty current.

                    Mick M. 

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