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Re: NIS Server and Client

Kevin_Saenz dell com wrote:
> does ypbind need to run on both machines?

Hmm hadn't thought about that. Traditionally it is though that was
before nsswitch appeared. you have access to all the maps as
files...except for the ypservers map so you probably could decide not to
run ypbind on the master but you wouldn't be able to push the maps onto
any slave servers and I'd pass on what would happen when you tried to
update any of the maps. 

If you're wondering if the master is allowed to bind to itself then yes,
this is an accepted configuration.

If you're trying to do anything complicated with NIS then Managing NFS
and NIS  by Stern from Oreilly is still useful but becoming more and
more out of date, borrow it from a friend or the library but I'm not
sure I'd buy it (If it's a work thing then try to talk them into getting
it and Essential System Administration (Aeleen Frisch) at least, they
will pay for themselves within a week. 
There's probably a case for revising it to include NIS(the sun and
opensource versions), NIS+, kerberos and LDAP.

Iain Rae
Computing Officer
Dept. Civil & Offshore Engineering
Heriot-Watt University

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