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Intel 810

I have a Compaq Deskpro with an Intel 810e video card
and a standard RH 6.2 Linux installation.  

I can't get X to work.  Xconfigurator sees my chip
but it fails the probes; SuperProbe doesn't recognize it.

The www.xfree86.org website says the 810 series is
supported only on i386 machines (fine) in the SVGA
driver (fine) provided I've got the kernel module
agpgart.o (not fine).  When I run startx, the complaint
is just that: it can't find agpgart.o.  locate can 
only find agpgart.h.

I seem to have the following options:

1. Get a newer kernel off the updates.
2. Get a newer XFree86 directly from www.xfree86.org.
3. Build my own kernel from the kernel source and 
   configure it to include agpgart.o (presumably it
   counts as an "experimental" driver).

All of these are huge, traumatic system changes which
I don't want to try one by one until one works, if ever.
I can't be the only Linux user in the world with a new
Compaq, disgustingly W98-biased though the machine might
be.  Please tell me what works.


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