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ATI Mach 64 16bpp scrammed

In the past, with updates of redhat, I have just upgraded various parts of
my old box to match (i.e. rpm -UvhF and kernel rebuild) 6.2 wont play fair.

I upgraded Mesa to try out the new xscreensavers, and all was well for
acouple of days. Then out of the blue I was using qseeme and the fonts went
mad on X. I rebooted after a couple of ctrl-alt-bs's

In a fit of updates I built the 2.2.14-12 kernel, upgraded the X packages
and then upgraded all the rest.

The problem is that the X server is convinced it's getting 16bpp, but only
has 256 colours. Things like xawtv report 16 bpp but only use from the

I redid the XF86Config, first with Xconfigurator, then with XF86Config, all
to no avail. (Did some picking through the configs too)

The fonts are screwed too, Aftersteps menus look fine until you move over
them, at which point the rollover font is squiity. Netscape has unreadable
fonts too.

The card is an ATIMach64VT 2M, the monitor is a gateway 2000. The CPU is a
K6mx 200, 80M ram, AWE64. I'm running gnome,sawmill/enlightenment. I tried
turning off bttv,xfs and xfstt.

the only clue I get is .xsession-errors, which states 'subshell.c: couldn't
get terminal settings: Inappropriate ioctl for device', /var/gdm looks well.

Please HEEELP!, I've been at it 48 hours and would REALLY like to avoid a
reinstall (possibly still with no fix)

Thank you for reading my rant this far.

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