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RE: I'm confuzzed!

On 03-May-00 Burke, Thomas G. opined:

> 2)  Got a preliminary IPCHANS script put together.  Interestingly enough,
> when I type "./rc.firewall", the machine comes back & tells me something
> along the lines of "file not found"....  I do an ls, and sure enough, the
> file is sitting right there!  Doesn't matter if I rename it to something
> else, same crap happens...

Might be the opening line. Some want to use wish, for instance. They may
look in /usr/local/bin for it and not find it there if it is really in
/usr/local. That will give this type of error.

Could also be a path problem with something else in the script.

> 3) Just a question, maybe someone can answer....  is the rcX.d
> directories
> the best place to ensure that daemons don't run (IE DNS, NFS, or
> whatever),
> by erasing the SXX??? files, or maybe the actual files they point to in
> the
> init.d directory, or is there some better (nicer) way of shutting this
> stuff
> down these days?  Also, which ones should I be sure _NOT_ to turn off?

For this one and the samba question, try (as root) ntsysv (console) or
tksysv or linuxconf in X to get to places that you can set what starts and

If Bill Gates had a dime for every time a Windows box crashed...
             ...Oh, wait a minute, he already does.

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