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Re: SV: Fresh 6.2 install / printer diagnostics needed

"Marie-Therese Lorentzen" <mtlorentzen get2net dk> writes:

> I haven't installed 6.2 in my computer as of yet, but I am wondering if you
> added
> Alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc
> to your /etc/conf.modules file.

More recent kernels have fixed that..  However I did try it just to
make sure.  Although the parport parport_pc  modules are loading which
was what that lined fixed.

> This was a problem with the 6.1 version, which I imagine has now been
> fixed - but who knows, it may have been overlooked. Those kind of things do
> happen to even the best. Of course, if you got it working under 6.1, then I
> suppose that you have looked into that.

Yes, I did have that problem at one point some months ago. 

Any other diagnostic clues.... I'm not getting much help on this
matter, even though I've posted about it in a variety of formums.

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