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Unabe to send e-mail


    I am trying to use "sendmail -vt" to send a message, however, i have
found some problem regarding to that remote mail server,   Let's assume,
my mail server is space1.3dsources.com...and I am trying to send a
e-mail from my mail server to the remote server called
....netvigator.com.   As I know how sendmail work is that If i try to
send the a message from my local mail server to that remote server,
then the remote server will try to look me up in order to vertify my
status by using it's DNS...is that right!!!!  However, I am having a
problem in this reverse lookup situations, that remote server can't find
or locate my local mail server by stating "450 Unable to find
space1.3dsources.com.  Are there any possibilities that will cause this
kind of problem.  Please note I am using diap-up connection to my ISP
and it assign an Dynamic IP back to me.  Then, I use my static IP to get
an alias with that Dynamic IP...such as ppp0:0.  Will this causing the
lookup problem for that remote server???  If yes, how can i overcome
this problem???

Thank you for any suggestions,

Mark Lo

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