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HPT66 IDE Controller


I have a HPT66 IDE controller on my motherboard and was wondering has anyone
been able to successfully install redhat on such a controller.  Currently
what is happening is that the 6.2 installer starts fine and when it asks for
the type of install I want (workstation, server, custom.... ) I hit next and
it complains that it can not find a device to install on.  ( something to
that effect ) in short here is what I do know.

1) RH HW compatibility list indicate that HPT66 controllers are not
supported in the current RH 6.2 Linux kernel, however they are a part of
development tree as experimental.

2) The Linux kernel auto probes the first two ide controllers, it is up to
the user to supply the lilo boot command lines in order to find the last
two.  ( My motherboard has 4 IDE controllers ) I have tried this and alas

3) doing a cat /proc/pci will tell you what resources the IDE controllers
are taking.

What I don't know is and my ultimate question is can you install RH6.2 on a
drive that is on a HPT66 ide bus.  I hope so because of it obvious speed
enhancements.  I realize that I could put the drive on the first or second
controller but wouldn't that defeat the point of the faster controller!  I
would REALLY like to leave the HD on the HPT66 controller and have RH 6.2
installed and happy with it.  It this possible.


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