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Re: Sendmail & SMTP EXPN & VRFY

Calvin Lam wrote:
> hi all,
> Is it possible to enable and disable the EXPN and VRFY command of SMTP of
> sendmail 8.9.3? Thanks.
> Calvin
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Yes it is.

If you build your mail-hub's sendmail.cf from the m4 sources then add 
at the end of your master sendmail.mc (the m4 source) file. Now rebuild
the sendmail.cf file.

If you prefer to change this in sendmail.cf directly find and modify (or
add it if it doesn't exist) the folowing line:
# privacy flags
O PrivacyOptions=authwarnings,noexpn,novrfy

I would recommend to do changes only in the m4 source files and let m4
rebuild your sendmail.cf!


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