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Re: RedHat 6.1 installation reboots before writing partitions

Date forwarded: 	8 May 2000 18:47:03 -0000
From:           	"Mike Hansen" <mgh520 yahoo com>
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Subject:        	RedHat 6.1 installation reboots before writing partitions
Date sent:      	Mon, 8 May 2000 13:46:25 -0500
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> I'm trying to install RedHat 6.1 from CD onto an AMD Athlon system with 
> an FIC SD11 motherboard and a 10.2 GB Western Digital Caviar
> UDMA/66 drive.  It seems I have a few things working against me here.
> The hardware compatibility list suggests that Athlon motherboards may
> be incompatible and a quick search of the mailing list archives suggests
> that UDMA/66 may be the problem.
> I am using the graphic installation, custom install.  Right after I define
> the partitions I want and click next, the GUI goes away and I'm left at
> a console that says the system is being shut down.  There is no
> indication of any errors before that, except a missing security policy file 
> for X which other postings here have said is no big deal.  If I use the text 
> installation, at the same point I get kicked out of the install program but I 
> see a signal 11 error.
> I don't understand the UDMA/66 problem.  Is my motherboard forcing
> UDMA/66 and Linux cannot access the drive because of it?  I have all of 
> the bios settings relating to my drive set to AUTO DETECT, so it is in 
> control.  I suppose I could try to drop the drive down to UDMA/33 and see 
> what happens, but I'd rather not impact NT performance just for the sake 
> of having Linux on the same drive.

 You don't have to worry about a performance loss because of using 
UDMA/33MHz=MB/s. The WD drive you have won't saturate the interface. 
For the moment UDMA/66 only offers a theoretical advantage over 
UDMA/33. If you think you can solve the problem this way, try it!
 By the way, can you access the drive using a rescue disk? Do you set a 
boot partition below 8GB?

> Does anyone have any ideas on what I could try next?  I've noticed that
> the 6.1 installation can be a bit flakey but this fails at the same exact 
> place everytime.  The other thing I should mention is that I already have 
> Windows NT 4.0 workstation installed (on an NTFS partition) on the same 
> drive and I'm attempting to install Linux to unpartitioned free space.  I am 
> using the lastest boot image from the RedHat errata that says it fixes a
> problem in recognizing NTFS partitions.  Thanks in advance!
> Mike

 I am sorry I can't be of any more help with the problem. I have no 
experience with Athlons nor UDMA/66...

 Good luck!

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