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Upgrade bug?

Hi folks,

Can someone help?

I upgraded last night. If you read my previous message, the upgrade program told me when I would run out of space on the /usr file system. (/, /usr, /usr/src, /home and /usr/local are separate partitions on my system) I selected my packages to install and the upgrade verified everything and performed the upgrade (or so I was told by the congratulations message that appeared). When I booted, I found that my / partition was full and when I tried to start kde, I found that the libs for kde had not been installed (not enough disk space, I guess). The bug is that the installer figured out the disk space requirements for /usr, but didn't figure it out for /.
(btw, how are bugs reported these days?)

Now to get me out of this mess, can anyone point me to some packages that I can delete to get rid of gnome and make room for kde?


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