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Re: Dell Laptop Install Help

Ok, where might I find the drivers and a dos boot disk ?
Use a dos boot disk with the CD drivers on the disk.
Run something like mscdex (that the right driver program?)

Once DOS is loaded and you have the CD assigned to
a drive, like D:, then go into the dosutils directory on the
linux CD and run autoboot.

c:> d:
d:> cd \dosutils
d:\dosutils> autoboot

This is how I did it to install on a Dell Dimension XPS P90
Of course, on mine it is EXTREMELY slow, so I think my machine needs
some major tweaking to get it to work at a reasonable speed.

Hope this helps
I am trying to install Linux on an old Dell 100 Laptop that was given to

me. It has an external CD drive with a card that you slip into a side
slot. In Windows the CD drive works just fine but when I try to use it
to install Linux off of a CD the Linux Install program does not
recognize the CD Drive. I really have no idea how to make the Linux
Install see the CD Drive ??


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