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Re: install 6.1 on Iwill mainboard On Board scsi Adaptec AIC-7890

    I don't know whether your problem was the same as mine,
but I will tell what I did. My scsi hard drive and cdrom
was not recognized on install. I had an old server with and
adaptec controller chip AIC-6360 on the motherboard.
   When the install program asked how I wanted to install
the Linux, I answered "cdrom" and checked the option
that allows you to enter parameters. For my system I put in
the chip set that was suggested and the chip address and irq and,
ID. I put in for parameters :  aha152x=0x340,11,7
Somewhere I read, probably it was in supported hardware on
the Redhat site what category , my controller chip fell into, which
was the Adaptec series aha152x. I might have gotten the info
after asking on a news group. The 0x340 is the hardware address.
I think that that was gotten either by suggestion or from some program
that tells you what hardware is in your system maybe like Windows
msd program. The irq is 11 and the scsi id is 7.
  Also, I believe that once the system is installed, there should
be some info in the file /etc/conf.modules that tells the system
about it like:

alias scsi_hostcontroller aha 152x
options aha152x aha152x=0x340,11,7

All these values need to reflect the values of your particular


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