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Re: Perl/Apache install problems

Sorry for the lateness of this reply. I did not have an Internet
connection for the last few days. I would recommend that you not use the
src rpm unless you know how to build it. I hear this is not difficult, and
someone on this list can undoubtedly help you. However, it does mean that
you will have some extra steps involved. You might try downloading the
binary rpm from Red Hat's ftp site. then you can just install it as
normal. If you already have things installed in different directories, you
might be able to do the following:

rpm --nodeps <packagename>

This will cause the installer to ignore dependencies.

I hope this helps you. Otherwise, maybe someone more knowledgable than me
can provide you with more options. Best of luck.


On Fri, 5 May 2000, Willis Gregory wrote:

> Victor,
> Thanks for the help.   One strange thing I just noticed is that some of the 
> so-called missing dependencies seem to be on my system, only in different 
> directories than Gnome RPM is looking for them.
> > > When I try to install the CPAN disk, I get approx. 412 missing
> > > dependencies, such as:
> > >
> > >      perl-MIME-Base64-2.11-5 requires libc.so.6.1
> > >      ...
> > >      perl-Apache-ASP-0.15-5 requires mod_perl
> > >      ...
> > >       perl-sitemapper-1.015-4 requires /bin/env
> > >       ...
> > >       perl-WWW-Search-2.03-4 requires /usr/local/bin/perl
> > >       ....
> > >       etc.
> When I did a find on perl and env, it showed the files were on my system at 
> the following locations:
>       /usr/bin/perl
>       /usr/bin/env
> The implication to me is that the RPM is looking for files in the wrong 
> location.
> Results of your suggestions are below.
> >Type the following and see what comes up:
> >rpm -qa | grep perl
>       perl-5.00503-6
> >rpm -qa | grep libc
>      glibc-devel-2.1.2-11
>      libc-5.3.12-31
>      glibc-2.1.2-11
>      compat-glibc-5.2-
> >You should be able to find mod_perl on your Red Hat cds otherwise, you can 
> >download it from the ftp
> >site.
> There is a file "extra-SRPMS/perl-mod_perl-1.21-4.src.rpm" on the 
> CPANdisk.  Is this the one I should load.
> Gnome RPM locked up on me several times during my attempts to load the CD, 
> plus the screen saver does not work.  I keep hoping Linux will be the 
> Windows killer, but it doesn't seem ready for prime time based on the 
> problems I keep having with Red Hat.
> Willis Gregory
> tacedi series2000 com

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