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FW: How to boot up KDE desktop default

If you want to make it the default no matter who is logged in, modify the
file Xclients which is located in the following directory,


I think, I'm at work on my Win2K machine right now and I can't verify the
directory location.

Approx. three or four lines down, you should see an indication to the
default X server and it says something like


After the first PREFERRED= place the text startkde.  That will do it.

If you have trouble locating it, let me know and I will dbl check the
directory and file and e-mail you tonight.

Gerry O'Brien, MCP
Windows Me Beta ID (387783)
VB 6.0 Ent. Edition Prgrmmr.
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"Hung Dao" <hungdao hotmail com> wrote in message
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> Hi all,
> I just installed both Gnome and KDE desktops of the RH 6.2. Most of the
> i'm using KDE Desktop more than Gnome desktop.,so that i want to set KDE
> the default desktop other than Gnome. I have set KDE as defult desktop,
> the next time i boot up the Gnome appeares again, so i have to log out
> and switch to KDE manually.Please help me to to set gnome default to KDE
> default. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
> Hung
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