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Re: RedHat 6.1 installation reboots before writing partitions

Stuart Mace wrote:
> > Ok, I've been spending a little time at the RedHat site.
> > First, I don't know
> > where the "8GB limit" came from.
> neither do I, tho from experience I know it exists.

It has to do with the way BIOS writers implemented LBA.

First there was a 2G limit since the BIOS didn't
implement the spec completely. Later there was an 8G
limit for the same reason. (I have a IDE card that
suffers from this). Now The problem is around
32G. When ATA (IDE) spec was updated to ATA-2 (EIDE)
they added LBA translation, drives were in the
512M - 1G range. So BIOS writers took a shortcut
and didn't follow the spec. Now the spec is running
out of bits for total sectors (LBA modes) and the 32G
limit is an issue. Ask people with 36G drives :)

> > reboot and run the Redhat install.  Does anyone know
> > how to boot far enough into linux to run fdisk before
> > actually installing Linux?

On the screen where you select GNOME, KDE, Server, Custom, or
Upgrade, look in the top-right corner for a check box
that sars use fdisk. You may need to boot expert mode to get it.

Then, instead of Disk-Druid, you get fdisk to create the partitions.
after creating the partitions, writing them, and exiting fdisk,
you'll see the "assign mount points" page.

You can reboot from here to verify the partitions
were written correctly.


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