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RE: RedHat 6.1 installation reboots before writing partitions

Well, I'm a newbie too (posted my own problems
yesterday but I don't think they made the list).
However, I can answer that one: The 8 GB limit
is the same as the 1024-cylinder limit.

The real limit is 1024 cylinders (cylinder number
0 to 1023). What that actually translates into
as far as bytes will vary according to your disk
parameters, but for most disks it is about 8 GB.
The disk I'm trying to install onto has a little
over 500 cylinders, and it stores 4.1 GB.

       - Randy

>--- Original Message ---
>From: mgh520 yahoo com
>To: redhat-install-list redhat com
>Date: 5/9/00 2:41:59 PM

>Ok, I've been spending a little time at the RedHat site.  First,
I don't know
>where the "8GB limit" came from.  The only thing I've found
is that LILO has a
>limitation imposed by the BIOS that says everything in /boot
must be below
>cylinder 1023 (which the docs say typically mean below 512MB
for an IDE drive).
>It also mentions that some newer BIOSes don't have this 1023
limitation, so it's
>not LILO but the BIOS.

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