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Basic install problems

I'm sure this is basic stuff, but I've read through
thousands of words on dual-boots and Lilo, and something
is just not sinking in yet.

Here's my status: I went successfully through an install
of Redhat 6.2 a couple of days ago, "successful" in the
sense that it liked my partition structure, it completed
the install with no error messages, and it created a
boot disk.

Yet I still can't actually run Linux. There are two
separate issues.

1. What do I need to have BootMagic start up Linux?
Apparently the boot program (LILO?) is not there on
the hard disk partition that BootMagic points to, and
I guess I need to properly install it. I've got
separate partitions for /boot, root, /usr, and 
swap. Pointing BootMagic to either /boot or root
works equally well, or rather fails equally (I get
a text screen that says "Preparing system to boot
Linux", possibly from BootMagic, and then it hangs.

Note that I did NOT put LILO in my MBR, nor do I want
to. From all I've read, what I want should be very

1a. Some of the HOWTOs mention editing config files
once I boot off floppy. What editors are available
to me at that point?

2. I can't boot off my floppy either, but that's a
different problem. It hangs up while trying to
initialize SCSI. I had thought I bypassed SCSI
installation, since I ran into hang-up problems
earlier with SCSI autodetection during the install.
At least with the floppy I get verbose output: the
symptom is that it chooses a SCSI board automatically,
then goes into an (infinite?) loop where it tries
to initialize it and times out.

So what command line will let me boot the floppy
but NOT attempt to use the SCSI?

        - Randy

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