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RE: Dell Laptop Install Help

Easier than getting a driver disk, get to a Win98 machine and, within the
new remove/intall software in control panel, there is an option to create an
startup disk. Make one of those. It will boot your machine and more than
probably get your CD to work.


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Ok, where might I find the drivers and a dos boot disk ?
Use a dos boot disk with the CD drivers on the disk.
Run something like mscdex (that the right driver program?)

Once DOS is loaded and you have the CD assigned to
a drive, like D:, then go into the dosutils directory on the
linux CD and run autoboot.

c:> d:
d:> cd \dosutils
d:\dosutils> autoboot

This is how I did it to install on a Dell Dimension XPS P90
Of course, on mine it is EXTREMELY slow, so I think my machine needs
some major tweaking to get it to work at a reasonable speed.

Hope this helps
I am trying to install Linux on an old Dell 100 Laptop that was given to

me. It has an external CD drive with a card that you slip into a side
slot. In Windows the CD drive works just fine but when I try to use it
to install Linux off of a CD the Linux Install program does not
recognize the CD Drive. I really have no idea how to make the Linux
Install see the CD Drive ??

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