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Questions about Partitioning a RH 6.1 Server [I am a newbie]


This is my first post to this list. I am trying to setup a 6.1 webserver to run PHP, Apache, and MySQL (I will have more ?'s on installing those later ;-)...

I have read a few books on RH, but I wanted to know from an experienced user, what partitions should I be setting up for this webserver? Please don't quote from a book... tell me what and why you setup your partitions like you did for a similar machine.

I am pretty sure that there have been people on the net that have had a similar setup. Can any of them share their experiences? Are there any resources out there for this type of setup, or do I have to piece it together myself?

My specs in case you wish to help...

	Dual Pentium Pros
	(3) 2 Gig IBM UW hard drives
	128 Megs of ECC SDRAM
	I guess the rest is inconsequential...


-Will Hamm

 Will Hamm
 Senior Project Manager
 Creative Web Development
 will invision net
 631-543-1000 x212

 Invision.com, Inc.
 47 Mall Dr.
 Commack, NY 11725

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