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restricting access


Is there a way to restrict access to a particular machine based on the
ethernet card addresses of machines trying to make the connection? The
machine I want to limit access to runs linux RedHat 6.0. 

I would like to limit access to this machine so only computers with
specified ethernet card addresses can make a connection. The limitation
should apply to ssh, telnet, rlogin, ftp and also pop3 and smtp mail

As ssh, telnet and rlogin are overlapping services, I could disable
telnet and rlogin (on the machine I want to protect) and only develop
this system for ssh. That leaves such a system to be implemented for ssh
and mail services. Does anyone know how this can be implemented? 

Any help (and if possible, pointers to detailed instruction pages) would
be most appreciated.  

Thanks very much. 

Dr Hugo Bouckaert - Systems Administrator, Computer Science UWA
Tel: +(61 8) 9380 2878 / Fax: +(61 8) 9380 1089
Email: hugo cs uwa edu au / Web: http://www.cs.uwa.edu.au/~hugo

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