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Re: Basic install problems

Randall Poe wrote:
> 1. What do I need to have BootMagic start up Linux?
> Apparently the boot program (LILO?) is not there on
> the hard disk partition that BootMagic points to, and
> I guess I need to properly install it. I've got
> separate partitions for /boot, root, /usr, and
> swap. Pointing BootMagic to either /boot or root
> works equally well, or rather fails equally (I get
> a text screen that says "Preparing system to boot
> Linux", possibly from BootMagic, and then it hangs.
> Note that I did NOT put LILO in my MBR, nor do I want
> to. From all I've read, what I want should be very
> do-able.

Where did you put LILO? While I've never used
BootMagic, I would think it needs to point to
the partition with LILO on it, most likely

> 1a. Some of the HOWTOs mention editing config files
> once I boot off floppy. What editors are available
> to me at that point?

Depend on what floppy. If it's the boot floppy you
made after the install, you shouled have your whole
system up, so whatever you installed, vi, emacs,
pico, joe, and jed are common.

> 2. I can't boot off my floppy either, but that's a
> different problem. It hangs up while trying to
> initialize SCSI. I had thought I bypassed SCSI.
> So what command line will let me boot the floppy
> but NOT attempt to use the SCSI?

Look at the BootPrompt HOWTO for options.
What SCSI adapter are you using?


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