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Re: LILO Boots NT, Win & Linux

Rizwan wrote:
> Hello  l j den ottolander freeler nl,
>         We installed linux  when NT was already there. These were SCSI drives
> and we wrote lilo on the MBR of /dev/sda. Its working fine with us. NT & Linux.
> Please try again.

Hello there,

I am not sure if your message is an answer to my question. Anyway, I
just keep trying to install the similar system like yours. I also have
four SCSI drives (2.1 GB each) and I installed NT on first disk drive.
After checking for NT to perform ok, next I installed Linux onto last
(4th) drive and also like you asked for lilo to be within MBR of
/dev/sda. After rebooting the computer, I only got "LI" and nothing
else. After DOS's fdisk /mbr command, I got NT loader back, but I can't
access Linux no way. After such experience, next install of Linux was
about to have lilo of /root partition (say /dev/sdd1). I made the whole
procedure mentioned in NT mini-HOWTO and also used BOOTPART utility. So
I got another entry for Linux under NT loader. But, when I choose Linux,
I get an error msg telling that system disk is not accessible or so.


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