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RE: Linux slower than Windows98

What install did you do? It always helps to give a detailed
description of what your problem is, because there are so
many different installs of Redhat.
What do you want Linux for? what services do you have running?
what system do you have? All these need to be answered before
we can help you.



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> From: pacmo [mailto:pacmo tiscalinet it]
> Sent: Wednesday, 10 May 2000 18:58
> To: redhat-install-list redhat com
> Subject: Linux slower than Windows98
> I have installed Red Hat 6.2 my problem is that linux is very 
> slower than Windows98 on the same computer. Gnome is straight 
> infuriating, while with Kde go better. I have already tried 
> to compile the kernel, the Ram of 62 Mb results be free 
> always for only 2 o 3 Mb.
> Are not there services of active net and when do i try to 
> verify with "top", does "top" result be the more binding 
> process, like could I do ?
> Thank you
> pacmo
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