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RE: Difficulty installing 6.2

I finally figured out the problem out over the weekend.  At the tail end of
the install, you're asked to give the boot image a name - the default is
linux but I usually change it.  It previous versions, the install kept you
under a tight rein as to what you could use for a label.  6.2 does not check
nearly as thoroughly.  I labelled min 'RedHat Linux' - and thought it was
cool they got around the space limitation.  Trouble is, they didn't.  The
install will let you put a space in the boot image name - and that was the
problem.  Once I changed that (to 'RH_Linux'), it's worked just fine ever


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Hi barker,
	If u can show the first 7 lines of your /etc/lilo.conf  to us we
try to figure out your problem. If you r using SCSI disks then the first
of your /etc/lilo.conf file should be -

 else the MBR of the first drive is not bieng written by lilo. Please change
to that and run /sbin/lilo.


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