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Installation ? re: MySQL/ PHP/ Apache...


Before you tell me to RTFM... let me say that I have...

I even (as a last ditch effort) looked on the net for people with advice with similar needs.

Particularly I found and tried to implement the following setup:


I tried it three times. Clean installs of Red Hat LINUX 6.2 using 'Server' option to install.

It will run MySQL (I know because I can run 'safe_mysqld &' after I installed it - like the instructions say + I see it by 'ps -aux')

It is running Apache (I know because I get the Apache test index.html page when I go to my domain by it's name + I see it by 'ps -aux')

But it isn't/ won't seem to run PHP. I followed the instructions and made a index.php page with some basic PHP code in it - but it just spits out the code like I am viewing a .txt file.

Any thoughts?

BTW, yes I did edit the httpd.conf file and make sure/ set .php as a index file, as well as verified the paths of installation for the DocumentRoot.

If you are willing to help me; it may be easier to look at the page from the link that I gave above and see if that installation procedure is sound or not...


Will Hamm

 Will Hamm
 Senior Project Manager
 Creative Web Development
 will invision net
 631-543-1000 x212

 Invision.com, Inc.
 47 Mall Dr.
 Commack, NY 11725

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