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Re: Questions about Partitioning a RH 6.1 Server [I am a newbie]

Will Hamm wrote:
> All,
>         This is my first post to this list. I am trying to setup a
> 6.1 webserver to run PHP, Apache, and MySQL (I will have more ?'s on
> installing those later ;-)...
>         I have read a few books on RH, but I wanted to know from an
> experienced user, what partitions should I be setting up for this
> webserver? Please don't quote from a book... tell me what and why you
> setup your partitions like you did for a similar machine.
>         I am pretty sure that there have been people on the net that
> have had a similar setup. Can any of them share their experiences?
> Are there any resources out there for this type of setup, or do I
> have to piece it together myself?
>         My specs in case you wish to help...
>         Dual Pentium Pros
>         (3) 2 Gig IBM UW hard drives
>         128 Megs of ECC SDRAM
>         I guess the rest is inconsequential...
>         TIA,
>         -Will Hamm

How many swap space will you need ( for a server i recommend at least 2
- 4 times the phys. memory ammount) since 128MB SDRAM might not be
enough (if it's under heavy load!)? If you reserve enough swap space
during installation you can later on simply plug in more memory!
I would recommend the following setup:

swap: 256MB - 512MB (older (2.0.x) linux kernels were not able to use
more than 127MB swap)
/var: 256MB - 512MB (depends on how you configure your logfiles and how
often you purge them)
/boot: 32MB (just to be on the safe side, so you can build you own
kernel image)
/: 64MB-128MB (or put it together with /usr)
/usr: all the rest 

I tend to combine / and /usr into one big partition, since it doesn't
really matter. In my oppinion it's relevant to have the /var system on
an extra partition, because if some processes run wild, they will fill
up the log file system in /var. If /var is full and it is on an extra
partition the system will remain stable, but if you put it into / you
will risk a server crash (/ file system full!)

Make sure your largest partition is not larger than your backup device
(if you plan to backup this host).

I run several server host (SUN/Solaris and Linux RedHat 6.1) and i've
never ran into troubles with this basic partitioning.


Ing. Thomas Mandl            

System and Network Administrator     phone: +43 1 877 56 45/53
Thomas NEUROTH Ges.m.b.H.              fax: +43 1 876 49 20
Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 22          e-mail: Thomas Mandl neuroth co at
A-1130 Vienna/Austria              NIC-HDL: TM4373, RIPE-HDL: TM539-RIPE

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