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Re: changing IPs

Steve wrote:
> This may not be an install question, but... I'm changing the IP numbers for
> my network. I have found to files to change the gateway numbers and DNS
> numbers. I need a little help locating the IP number for the adapter (eth0)
> and such. I know they can be changed through the netcfg program, but I don't
> have any GUI running (not ehough drive space) to use netcfg.
> I use the machine as a drone mail server, which I've spent alot of time
> getting setup. The machine still works like a charm, so I want to keep it
> going if I can. Any suggestions on where to look for the eth0 config files?
> Thanks in advance...
> Steve
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Hi Steve

The best way to change IP numbers is to login as su and run netcfg.  If
you really want to edit all the files manually, you can edit the file
ifcfg-eth0, which  contains the IP address, it is located in


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