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RE: NT OS Loader + Linux = how?

As far as I remember LILO must be on hda or hdb / sda or sdb.

Yehuda Feinsilber

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lawson_whitney juno com wrote:

> There is an NT option to install the NT bootloader in the partition boot
> record.  If that is where it is, installing lilo to the MBR will in
> effect place it before NT.

Well I don't know about that NT option. Recently I also installed
another NT computer and it haven't offered me anything like that. But,
this time lilo disabled NT loader so I haven't got a chance to use NT
after that.

> What did you expect it to do?  If from lilo you choose linux (or
> whatever you named it) it should load linux.  If you want to make the
> choice with the NT loader, just take the NT section out of lilo.conf,
> rerun lilo, recopy bootsect.lnx, and uninstall lilo.  If there was a
> standard MBR there before you installed lilo, lilo -u will put it back,
> unless you have [re]moved /boot/boot.0300.  Oh what tangled webs we
> weave.

You seem not listen to me carefully: Once again, I have one computer
that boots lilo properly and from within lilo if I choose 'nt' entry
then I get normal NT loader. It works ok and I am satisfied with that.
BUT, there is another machine where I wanted to make similar
configuration. I also installed NT at first, after that I installed
Linux (whatever one). And this time lilo was not go 'before' NT loader,
but it placed itself instead of NT loader. It means that NT became not
available anymore. And not only that: lilo doesn't like to boot
properly, but it hangs after "LI" (so neither Linux is started).

> >
> > # dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1
> >
> > This case, from within NT OS Loader, when I choose 'Linux' entry, it
> > returns to NT OS Loader again.
> What did you expect by copying the nt bootsection to bootsect.lnx?
> I'm guessing, BTW that bootsect.lnx is the file you feed the NT
> bootloader.

I expected to prove that the procedure covered by mini-HOWTO works at my
place.I just made an experiment to see what happen.

> >
> > # dd if=/dev/hda3 of=/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1
> >
> > This case, from within NT OS Loader, when I choose 'Linux' entry, I got
> > an error message like this:
> >
> > bootpart 2.20 bootsector
> > ...
> > cannot load from hard disk.
> > insert system disk and press any key.
> If you never installed lilo (or some bootloader) into (boot =) /dev/hda3,
> a linux partition does not have a bootloader in the partition boot
> record.  Again, what did you expect?

Ok, this time I didn't installed lilo into /dev/hda3 just because I
already had lilo within /dev/hda (described earlier). But please let me
know why I get the same error message, after I do install lilo in the
partition boot record where Linux package has been installed. Actually,
on the other computer I have four SCSI disks (1,2,3 for NT and 4th for
Linux). I also installed NT at first and it boots properly. After
installed Linux into /dev/sdd1 and installed lilo into that partition, I
performed the procedure accompanied with bootpart utility. Why should I
get the error msg in that case?

> give you LI and nothing else: lilo can read something where it thinks
> its second stage is, but it can't run it because it is actually part of
> your NT partition.  Give the README a read, or at least a careful scan.

Please explain me what do you think when you say that my lilo is a part
of my NT partition. One more time, at first I installed NT on its NTFS
partition (on its own disk). After that, I made native and swap
partitions with linux's fdisk on the OTHER disk drive. After that I told
that I want lilo to take place within MBR, so I don't know how it is
possible for lilo to become a part of NT partition, ok? Is MBR a part of
any partition?

Will try to find that README.

> There is nothing magic about the NT loader.  If lilo won't work by
> itself, starting it with the NT loader won't make it work, and if you
> install the NT bootloader in the partition boot record, lilo can boot it
> as an other OS, as you have seen.

Good. I just wondered why everything is ok on an IDE disk with 4 primary
partitions (2 for NT - C: and D:, 2 for Linux - native and swap) but
problems arise on SCSI system where every O.S. has its own hard disk. In
that case, I wonder if MBR might be a part of some or any partition on
the 1st disk in the system? That case, the use of MBR should be avoid?

Thanks anyway,


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