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not enough free space for partition error in RedHat 6.1 install

During the RedHat 6.1 install, I got to the point of setting up
partitions in Disk Druid.  I set up my partitions (/, /usr, /opt, /home
and swap) and then clicked on Next.  At this point it asked me which
paritions I wanted to have formatted and I realized that I forgot to
create a swap partition.  I clicked back and then added the swap
partition.  However, as soon as I added it I was told there was "not
enough free space for partition" for the / partition, even though the
drive really had almost 3 gig of free space left.  I deleted all of the
partitions in Disk Druid and re-added them, but got the same message.  I

could shrink the partition sizes to make it work, but that was not what
I wanted.  So I removed all of the linux partitions I had created and
rebooted the installation (by the way, why is there no "abort
installation" button?  I had to ctrl-alt-delete).  The next time through

the install I was able to create all of the partitions I wanted,
including /boot, and with the sizes I had wanted, with no errors.

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