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RE: Dell Laptop Install Help

Something you might try, which worked for me on my Toshiba laptop, is to use
the pcmcia.img file off of the redhat CD (in the images folder) and use
rawrite to write it to a floppy.  If you boot from it, it might be able to
recognize your cdrom and let you install linux.  It's worth a shot, right?

Jacquie (Who feels rather like the blind leading the blind)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to make the boot disk. However, when I
tried to access the CD drive I received the error, "invalid drive". I used
the the same drive letter "d" that works under Windows98. I just don't why I
can only read the drive in Windows98. It seems impossible to install Linux
on here without an internal CD Drive.

Open a DOS window and at a command prompt enter SYS A: (assuming the disk
is in A:). The SYS command copies the OS files and the COMMAND.COM file.

Karl L. Pearson
Senior uniVerse Database Analyst
Senior Unix/NT/Win Analyst
karlp colubs com

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