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Re: how to work out with more than 1024 cylinders

Joel Taqueban wrote:
> I would like to install RH 6.1 on a clean 9GB drive.   During the start
> of installation however, I came to the window  where I now have to
> partition the disk having 1027 cylinders using fdisk.  As I need to
> create customized size partitions for /, /var, /usr, /usr/src, /opt and
> /tmp, etc  I seem to be having a hard time creating these partitions on
> the 'Linux native' on the below table (from fdisk).
>     Device   Boot    Start    End        Blocks        Id    System
> /tmp/hda1                   1    1024    8225248+    83    Linux native
> /tmp/hda2     *      1025    1027         24097+     e    Win95 Fat16
> (LBA)
> It tells me I can create only 4 partitions, but I actually need more
> partitions than that.   How do I work out having 0 Free bytes and
> partition from there?

First of all, why do you have a FAT16 partition on a "clean" drive?
Secondly, what is this about "0 Free bytes"?  Do you mean that you
have allocated all of the drive already?

As for partitions, there are only four primary allowed (by any OS),
but logical partitions can be carved out of an extended partition.

> If there is an FAQ re my above problem please let me know.


	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

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