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RE: Questions about inetd.conf


Is netviator.com a registered name?
If so it should be a server with a static IP that can be propagated to DNS
servers around glob. No one can fake this name. (as a legal action).
if not no none will find this name. No meter if you have a static or dynamic
IP. Anyone can use this name freely.

Yehuda Feinsilber

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From: Mark Lo [mailto:markloky netvigator com]
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Subject: Questions about inetd.conf


       I have a question about hosts.allow and hosts.deny.  For
hosts.allow, the funtion is to allow particular hosts connect to my
server and issues command, but the problem is I am using my ISP dial-up
access to connect to my server and assign an dymanic IP back to me, so
how to set up my hosts.allow in this situations.
      And if I set up a hosts.allow file to let ".netviator.com" to
access my server, does it still need the password to get in.  one more
thing, people can always assign their server name as netvigator.com
anytime.  Will my server be tricked this way??

Thank you

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