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Re: Why?

Derek Ryan White wrote:
> Why can you not send e-mail while logged in as root?  I had to move my entire nsmail folder to a different directory and change all the file permissions from user root.  Why is this?

Regardless of why, Red Hat has done you a favor, by forcing you to not
log in as root to send mail.  If you were doing normal things as root,
you were losing a large part of the benefit of using Unix.

If you operate your computer as a normal user most of the time, you have
a 'sandbox' that restricts the harm that can be done by any rogue
program, virus, trojan, etc.  Further, mistakes you make (such as typing
'rm -rf myfiles /*' instead of typing 'rm -rf myfiles/*') can be
disastrous if you run as root.  If you are operating as root, it is
entirely possible to delete your entire operating system right out from
underneath yourself.  (And that's just the beginning...all sorts of
nastiness can pop up when the programs that you run have access to every
single thing on your system.)

Logging in as root every day == Bad Idea.
                    Joe Cooper <joe swelltech com>
                Affordable Web Caching Proxy Appliances

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