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Re: stuff

Derek Ryan White wrote:
> Just a couple questions.
> Is there a log that tells you when people login and any
> incorrect logins?
> Is there one for the telnet rpm?
> How can I telnet and login as root?  It says it is an incorrect
> login.
> How can I send messages to people logged into my system?
> Should I need to change the inetd.conf file at all if I just
> want to run telnet and apache?
> Can you tell I am new?
> (Don't answer.)
> Thanks,
>         Derek
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All login messages including telnet logins are written to
/var/log/secure.  Telnet is configured so that you cannot login as
root.  The way around this is to login as a regular user and then login
as su.

To send a message to a user logged onto your system, you might try write
- check the manual pages for usage.  man write

If you want to disable other services, yes you need to edit inetd.conf


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