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Re: 3COM 3c905b ethernet card

Jeff CTR Vandenbussche wrote:
>      I am trying to configure a 3c905b PCI ethernet card in RH6.0.  Does
>      anyone have any experience using this card?  The RH compatibility list
>      states that this card is compatible but unsupported.  Which module
>      should I use?
>      Thanks,
>      Jeff
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I use this 3Com card since RedHat Release 4.2 and they generally work
fine (with some exceptions under RedHat 5.2 but this has been solved).

You have to use the 3c59x.o driver for this card if it's not

I operate it at 100MBit/s full duplex on a switched 10/100Mb network
with Baystack and Cisco Switches. Be aware to _turn off_ spanning tree
definitively on baystack switches when connecting a 3C905B card under

There is an excellent mailing list from Donald Becker (the author of
most of Linux network modules, see

You can also try to find info here:

hope this helps
best regards
Ing. Thomas Mandl            

System and Network Administrator     phone: +43 1 877 56 45/53
Thomas NEUROTH Ges.m.b.H.              fax: +43 1 876 49 20
Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 22          e-mail: Thomas Mandl neuroth co at
A-1130 Vienna/Austria              NIC-HDL: TM4373, RIPE-HDL: TM539-RIPE

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