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Re: Cannot compile anything

"Nicole M. Rauch" wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> sorry if this message appears twice, but it didn't show up after
> awhile, so I'm resending it.
> I've just installed RH 6.1, but it doesn't compile anything!
> Admittedly, I installed RH with custom install, perhaps I missed a
> package?

More than likely you did miss the package responsible for making sure
the header files are installed in /usr/include.  Matter of fact usually
those header files are installed when you install the
"glibc-devel-2.x.x-x" library package. On RH6.0 the package name is
"glibc-devel-2.1.1-6". It's probably something similar under RH6.1.
Installing that package should install any required libraries and should
install the header files in the appropriate locations.

Good Luck with It.

John <micros50 computer net>


email: micros50 computer net
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