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Re: Access Denied for user web directories

Pete Robie wrote:
> Good Morning,
>         I have a simple problem and with a newborn due any day, i'm
> not thinking too clearly. For some reason, my user web directories are
> unaccessable to the general public. My main directory is fine, but all
> the user directories are not. Does anyone know what the permissions
> should be set at for the public_html directory? I tried 750, 751, and
> 755. Maybe i'm thinking completely wrong, but I thought it was
> something along those lines.

If you check the output of "ls -l" and man chmod, you'll learn that
yes, in fact, 755 would have at least been enough for the directories
permissions.  You should also check the files therein.

Along the lines of Mike Neuharth's suggestion, another possible
culprit is the Apache config.  Look in your /etc/httpd/conf/srm.conf
for a "UserDir" directive.

An exact error message would be helpful.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

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