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RE: Graphical Adapter in Thinkpad 600X


    I am running the same RH 6.1 os on a thinkpad 600 and I would imagine
that what you need to do is change the resolution of the desktop using
either the control panel or the crtl-alt +/- to do it. That way things will
get smaller and you will be able to see the whole desktop.

    Another thing you must take into account is whether you have set up a
virtual desktop or not. I case you have not there is no problem but in case
you did, you will see the whole desktop but even if you increased the
resolution,  the whole desktop will continue to be bigger that the screen.

Saludos, and I hope it works for you.

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De: "Francisco Cantarero" <francisco cantarero lisec com>
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Enviado: Lunes, 22 de Mayo de 2000 07:16 a.m.
Asunto: Graphical Adapter in Thinkpad 600X

> Dear Sirs:
> I am installing RH6.1 in a IBM Thinkpad 600X (P III 650 - 64 Mb RAM -
> Graphical Adapater NeoMagic 4Mb - 12Gb HDD). For my was very difficult to
> install it becuase at the beginning RH detected just 7 Gb for the HDD. Now
> have solve this problem, but now I have a problem with the Graphical
> Adapter: when I start X I can see only 1/5 (approximately) of the desktop.
> Everything is very big and I can't see the hole desktop. I have choose in
> the installation "LCD Panel 1024x768" and a personalize Graphical Adapter
> with 4 Mb ram. How can I solve this?
> Thank you in advance,
> Francisco Cantarero
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