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RE: browsing local documents with Netscape 4.73

It sounds like it is checking for a new version of Netscape.  I'm afraid I
don't use Netscape, so I can't tell you where you can turn that setting off,
but I think that is the most likely cause.



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Subject: RE: browsing local documents with Netscape 4.73

On 23-May-00 Paul Newman pgen com opined:
> I installed the Netscape communicator 4.73 and common 4.73 rpms from the
> RH6.2
> update site. I am now unable to browse documents while offline. If I try
> to open
> a local html document, Netscape reports that it is unable to find the
> host
> netscape.com
> I have not got that host as my homepage and have disabled all that jazz
> like
> autocomplete and keywords etc.
> Can anyone else confirm this is happening to them with the RH Netscape
> 4.73
> RPMs?

I've had it happen in the past and don't recall what I did to fix it. But,
it seems to happen whenever it wants when a version is installed new from
either rpm or tarball.

I also noticed (I use icewm and it has a little network status area) that
netscape _always_ tries to contact the netscape site no matter what the
settings are. Each and every time I bring it up, I can see it send
something out to someone (I once tracked it to netscape) in a short burst,
then stops and sends no more the entire session.

That's another good reason I can't wait for opera to get released. I don't
think it's netscape's or m$n'$ or anybody else's business when I go online.

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