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Re: Qmail on my redhat machine can't receiving mail

On Tue, 23 May 2000, Edward Nainggolan wrote:

> I use Redhat 6.1 with qmail server run.
> All SMTP and POP3 running well, from local all test run correctly, but why 
> if I send email from outside or remote computer, the qmail server cannot 
> receive it.

I am making a guess from the limited info that you have provided but for
qmail to deliver mail from outside to your locals you have to add the
locals to a file called /var/qmail/control/locals

for example My server is roadrunner.grendel.net and a listing of my
/var/qmail/control/locals file is


Just add the relevant entries to your file and it should be ok....as you
can see any mail to localhost or roadrunner or roadrunner.grendel.net will
be delivered locally..

BTW if this fails the please try mailing the qmail list...

And don't even consider installing sendmail even in your wildest dreams,
just having a look at that monstrous sendmail.cf is enough to make you
puke ;-)

Best Wishes,

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