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Re: Windows98 and LILO yet again

What documentation did you find inadequate?
Just looking at the HOWTOs, I get:

Of course, the man pages on lilo and lilo.conf are on the web too:

LILO isn't menu-driven, though.  What exactly have you tried,
and what seems to be the problem?

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

"Riddle, Eddie R." wrote:
> I want to have LILO boot Windows98 or RedHat 6.0 linux (menu selectable) on
> a single large disk.  Are there straightforward, nice instructions for doing
> this?  Yes,I keep finding lots of instructions suggesting how this can be
> done, but they are not complete, wrong, or specific soutions for other very
> specific situations.  Forgive the repeat of such a common question, but I
> suspect (hope) that reasonable dual boot setup instructions are available.

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