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destination host unreachable

The routing snafu persists. I checked and rechecked the files you all so
kindly recommended I check:


I am even at the point when I do a route at the command line I see the
default gateway listed with what I believe is the appropriate genmask: At least this is what appears on a linux host on the same network.

It takes over three minutes for the last line of the route output showing
the default gateway to show up. 

Pinging localhost works, pinging another host on the network results in a
"Destination Host Unreachable" output. I am at a loss. 

I even tried what the book Running Linux recommends: creating/editing
/etc/networks with the line 

in it. to no avail. My machine has no FQDN, just a measly old ip address.
I have named the machine, and typed it into a variety of files. Could this
be a problem?

Thanks for letting me vent. Any ideas would be immensely appreciated. I
want to get a small linux computer lab running for next semester, and I
have some older pc's kicking about and a bunch of IP addresses. the more
machines the merrier.

Nabeel Kandah
nkandah ipass net

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