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Re: Maximum Performance

There are no set answers, and this will depend a great deal
on exactly what this web server is serving, to how many
people, and how often?

Fast drives are very good for web serving/DB work, so
spec drives for speed, not just size.  CPU usage will
be fair, but it will depend a lot on the SQL server and
PHP or CGI demands.  Of course, RAM is always nice.
This will probably be limited more by the money you're
willing to spend than anything.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

Mark Lo wrote:
> Hi,
>       My server will run the following applications, What kind of
> machine do I need ??
> (a Secondary DNS Server, aWeb Server--apache+PHP3+MySql+SSL, a qmail
> server--only use to send on-line mail, and allow my client to upload
> picture to the server while some people are visiting their sites-->host
> 100 virtual sites in this situations).
>      I would like to know what kind of machine should I use in this
> case, etc..dual cpu..or sigle cpu.., how many ram should I use, what
> hard drive should I use ???
> Thanks
> mark

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