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Re: Nothing works - Apache doesn't work in 6.2

>> I think you need to purchase RH before being able to report the bug.
>> Don't know really could someone shead some light on this?

>Do you think I would suggest something like that without actually
>having done this? I havent owned an official copy of RH until
>last week. I have been submitting bug reports for years.
>I am also in the Friends and Family Stock Plan with RedHat w/o
>having bought an official copy.

We are talking on an 'Open Source' enviroment? It seems to be somewhere 

I don't think that anybody is with a bad attitude here, but IMHO we 
should allways have this concept in mind! (even if RH is a public company 
with a lot of economic interests on the market...)

>RedHat wants people to submit bugs not just "official owners"
>of RedHat. More eyes makes all bugs shallow.

I'm glad to hear that! ;)


Tomas Garcia Ferrari


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