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Re: Nothing works - Apache doesn't work in 6.2

> We are talking on an 'Open Source' enviroment? It seems to be somewhere 
> else...
I am sorry, there must be a communication problem here, because I dont
understand what you mean by the above. Could you elaborate?

> I don't think that anybody is with a bad attitude here, but IMHO we 
> should allways have this concept in mind! (even if RH is a public company 
> with a lot of economic interests on the market...)

As I said, I am not in the habit of suggesting something I havent
done/tried myself. Were this not the case then the first person that
followed my advice, and was rejected by buzilla.redhat.com would
very likely be angry at me and post on this list that I am full
of bovine excrement.

There is definitely no bad attitude here, merely a correction and
expansion on what people can do to solve problems. The initial
steps should be to check local documentation/configuration, then
go to any relevant mailing list, be it here or bind-users,samba
and so on. Good books also help.

At the point where it is definitely defined as a problem
that needs to be addressed by RedHat or Suse, Mandrake, Caldera
then a form of a bug report should be submitted. 
I dont work for RedHat but I do know that their bug reporting
process does not restrict you from submitting a report simply
based on ownership of a CD. It should be the last step though.

This is after all Open Source even if RedHat and definitely
not Microsoft. I have had the dubious pleasure of dealing
with Microsoft T/S before as well.

Henri J. Schlereth
"The Geezer Geek"

"Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy." Adam Carrola

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