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Where to find the answer if you can't get it here

Here's some information people might find useful about where to go to find
information. If you cant get the answer by posting here, look at these links. If
you are thirsty for knowledge, you might want to look at these first anyway :-)

If people think this is useful, I might post this again. Anyone have any
suggestions for adding to this list?

Remember- you dont need to know the answer - you just need to know where to go
to find it :-)

1. Documentation (ie where you should go to RTFM):
The Linux Documentation Project - they do guides (note: start here!) and HOWTOs.
Free and downloadable in various formats. The Guides are good. You should read
The HOWTOs are also good. The HOWTOs are about specific topics and can be a bit
technical and difficult to follow for newbies. If your problem is about anything
to do with networking, start with the Network Administrators Guide.
There is a howto index which explains which howto is for what.
Note there is a hardware howto if you are wondering whether a certain piece of
kit works with linux.
Note there is a reading list howto if you want to know what to read to become
more knowledgeable on unix or coding...
Note, the HOWTOs can get updated frequesntly. You might have the HOWTOs on your
hard disc in /usr/doc/HOWTO as part of your installation, but before you go and
read one, check on linuxdoc.org to see if it's been updated.

You could also try "Linux in Plain English" which is a book a bit like the Linux
Users Guide or the Installation and Getting Started Guide on linuxdoc.org. This
is not part of the Linux Documentation Project and might be copyrighted.

2. Any question regarding laptops / PCMCIA and configuring X for your laptop:
The Linux Laptop homepage contains copious information, including dozens and
dozens of links to pages about specific models of laptop.
If you have a quesiton such as "How do I configure X for my Acme ZX81" then go
look here in case someone has a page on it.
Also there is a page on this site listing email addresses of people who
volunteer to try and help with problems on certain models of laptop.

3. Where can I find such and such a software package / the home page for such
and such a program?
First you should look at Freshmeat. You can type in the name of an application
and it comes back with links to download, home page etc.
There is also an "appindex" if you know what sort of application you are looking
 for but you dont know the name.

4.Problems with LILO and dual boot-
An approachable paper on linuxnewbie.org you might find useful.

If you want to understand about partitions and cylinder 1024 look at the
partitioning primer (it's a bit of a long read)
This page also links to Ranish partition manager which is a free boot /
partition manager program that is very good.

Finally, you can always post here, or try your local LUG (Linux Users Group) if
you have one.

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