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Re: size of a root floppy

On Wed, 24 May 2000 enrico_campanelli yahoo com wrote:

> Thank you for reading my "help mail"!!
> I'm trying to build up a two-set of rescue diskettes (a boot and
> a root floppy). To build the root floppy I have created a filesystem
> that contains the basic directories /dev /bin /sbin /etc /lib /proc 
> /usr /mnt with all the needed files and subdirectories. The only /lib 
> directory takes 4547 Kbytes while the others altogether take less than
> 2000 Kbytes. So, the problem is that the filesystem take about 6500 Kbytes
> and is too large to fit only one floppy, infact the "gzipped" file 
> takes about 2032 Kbytes while the floppy can contain only 1440 Kbytes.
> I think the problem is not in the /bin and /sbin directories because
> I have not insert too much commands in them and anyway eliminating 
> some other command you'll gain a very little space. The problem is the
> /lib directory. In particular, the file libc-2.1.2.so takes more than
> 4000 kbytes (I have Linux RedHat 6.1, kernel 2.2.12-20) and I think 
> is not possible to eliminate it because almost
> all the basic commands use this file. How can I reduce the size of
> /lib directory in order to fit the root filesystem in a floppy?

You might want to check out "Toms root boot" which is linux on a single
boot diskette..:-)

Just go to google.com and do a search for it and you should get it...


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