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Re: Nothing works - Apache doesn't work in 6.2

>> We are talking on an 'Open Source' enviroment? It seems to be somewhere 
>> else...
>I am sorry, there must be a communication problem here, because I dont
>understand what you mean by the above. Could you elaborate?

Perhaps it is a communication problem. I only said that -and I was being 
a little bit ironic- because I think that the idea of the need of buying 
a RH license before being able to post a bug it is not compatible with 
the idea of Open Source software development. Anyway, you could be in the 
situation that you didn't buy the RH distribution but downloaded from the 
web. And then aren't you allowed to post any bug? I don't think so...

>As I said, I am not in the habit of suggesting something I havent
>done/tried myself.

I agree with you.

>There is definitely no bad attitude here, merely a correction and
>expansion on what people can do to solve problems. The initial
>steps should be to check local documentation/configuration, then
>go to any relevant mailing list, be it here or bind-users,samba
>and so on. Good books also help.

Yes, this is clear. Of course it doesn't help you nor the software 
distributors if at the very first problem you start sending bug reports!


Tomas Garcia Ferrari


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